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The pioneer and inventor of cutting edge diagnostic devices that can non-invasively diagnose and assess the risk of diabetes and its complications.


Bart. van den Berg (MSc)
Joining the company in June 2004, Mr. van den Berg is former general manager and co-founder of two pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies. Additionally, he founded VenGen BV, a life sciences start-up management company. He was trained in business economics at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.
Michiel Kregel, PhD
Operations Manager
Before joining Diagnoptics in 2013, Mr. Kregel worked as a product manager, a consultant in photonics and in spatial information technology. He has managed technical project teams in various settings, such as fluorescence microscopy and geodesy. He has a PhD in Astrophysics from The University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
Jasper Dijkstra (MSc)
Commercial Manager
Mr. Dijkstra has a Master’s degree Medical Biology from The University of Groningen, The Netherlands. During his master program he specialised in policy and business issues that are involved in life science innovation. Prior to joining Diagnoptics in 2009, Mr. Dijkstra worked as a Technology Transfer Officer at The University of Groningen.
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