Non-invasive assessment of cardiovascular risk and risk of diabetes

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Advanced Glycation Endproducts play a key role in the development of chronic age-related diseases such as diabetes, renal failure and cardiovascular disease.

  • Harmfull compounds
  • Related to ageing
  • Glycaemic memory
  • Cardiovascular complications

Cardiovascular risk

CV risk assessment Cardiovasculair risk

It is critical to assess the individual cardiovascular risk of your patients. Finding high risk patients early allows doctors to adjust treatment as soon as possible.

  • Diabetes
  • Renal failure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Other diseases
"AGE levels add new information for the development and progression of cardiovascular disease in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients, because AGE accumulation occurs before than glycated hemoglobin and more closely correlates with the severity of the disease, predicting the development of cardiovascular complications." Nenna et al (2015); Research in Cardiovascular Medicine
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The AGE Reader App!
Age Reader APP
The new AGE Reader App allows you to generate a comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Report based on the AGE Reader measurement. For each patient all visits can be documented and consulted in the easy to use App.

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Diagnoptics receives Japanese market approval for AGE Reader mu.

Groningen, the Netherlands – September 11, 2015 Diagnoptics has received a Todokede registration from the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices A......

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The AGE Reader and Diab-spot have received approval in a number of countries. Please check with the distributor in your country or DiagnOptics what the regulatory approval status is in your country. US Caution: Federal law restricts the AGE Reader and Diab-spot system to investigational use only. Commercial distribution has not been granted by the US FDA. Please see the AGE Reader and Diab-spot user manuals for descriptions of all relevant warnings, cautions, contraindications and safety information.

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