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AGE Reader in professional health assessment

The ease of use and the non-invasive measurement procedure qualify the AGE Reader as an ideal tool for (large scale) health assessment in various settings. It is part of the improvement of the health situation of patients, offers a medical check-up for patients, private persons, pharmacies and companies and helps to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

What do we measure with the AGE Reader?
The AGE Reader measurement is based on measuring glycated proteins in tissue: AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts). These AGEs are known to play a central role in the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes (and its complications). AGEs accumulate over a person’s lifetime, but this process occurs more rapidly in patients with conditions such as diabetes mellitus, renal failure and cardiovascular disease.  In addition AGEs play an active role in the development of vascular complications.

Interpretation of measurement result
The AGE Reader measurement result consists of an easy to interpret cardiovascular risk report. The measurement result will be compared with the reference values of healthy subjects and is displayed in a color coded graph. The green and yellow areas indicate there is no increased risk. If the measurement result is in the orange or red area this indicates there is an enhanced accumulation of AGEs in tissue and thereby an increased risk of having or developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Follow-up of AGE Reader measurement results
Measurement results of the AGE Reader in the green and yellow area indicated a normal result for healthy individuals. It could be interesting for them to learn more about AGEs and obtain advice on lifestyle measures they could take to manage their levels of AGEs.

If the AGE Reader measurement result is in the orange or red area for a non-diagnosed person it is recommended to check other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These test can consist of measuring blood pressure as well as a number of blood tests such as a lipid profile + HbA1c or glucose. If during these test it is found that more risk markers are present it is recommended to perform additional tests focused on specific medical conditions.

Advantages AGE Reader in professional health assessment
The advantages of using the AGE Reader in professional health assessment:

  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Non-invasive quicktest (12 seconds)
  • Early detection of cardiovascular diseases
  • Ideal for large scale screening including company health screenings
  • Innovative health screening
  • Motivation tool for patients
  • Monitor effects of therapies

With this professional preventive concept and screening method, cardiovascular screenings and diagnostics will become easier to fulfill and understand.

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The AGE Reader App!
The new AGE Reader App allows you to generate a comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Report based on the AGE Reader measurement. For each patient all visits can be documented and consulted in the easy to use App.
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