Advanced Glycation Endproducts


AGEs play a pivotal role in the development of chronic age-related diseases such as diabetes, renal failure and cardiovascular disease.

AGE Interventions

AGEs are endogenously formed in the human body, but this process also occurs in preparing foods and drinks. AGEs form at all temperatures, however the accumulation of AGEs in foods occurs much faster under dry heat. The higher the heat and the longer the time food is heated the greater the formation of AGEs. Fried and processed foods are typically high in AGEs.

Detailed information and videos about AGEs in food can be found on NutritionFacts.

There are dietary programs available that are specifically focussed on managing the dietary intake of AGEs. More information about AGEs in diet and AGE-less diets can be found here: the AGE-less Way

Lifestyle intervention consists of dietary programs and physical exercise. An increase in physical exercise is known to improve glycaemic control and lead to weight loss. It has already been shown in a scientific study that substantial physical exercise is associated with lower levels of tissue AGEs.

Drugs targeting AGEs or AGE-pathways are already in development for a number of years. Recently one of these drugs proceeded to phase III clinical trials: Pyridorin developed by NephroGenex from North Carolina.

  • Pyridorin: A Novel Acting Compound to Improve Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy. One of the mechanisms of action is inhibiting the break down of glycated proteins to AGEs.

Another drug targeting the AGE-pathway is Azeliragon (TTP488) developed by vTv Therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Azeliragon (TTP488) is an orally bioavailable small molecule that inhibits the receptor for advanced glycation endproducts (RAGE).

Dietary supplements
Lowering tissue levels of AGEs by taking dietary supplements is a popular method to manage AGE levels. Multiple companies are working on new dietary supplements to manage AGEs and some already have products on the market, such as Morinda (USA). Morinda developed several beverages and gels to manage AGE levels.

AGEs are an important target for the skincare industry since AGEs also lead to wrinkling of the skin. Most of the large international cosmetic companies already developed skin creams and capsules targeting AGEs in the skin to reduce wrinkling of the skin.

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