A perfect tool for diabetologist and family doctors.

Die AGE Reader app!

The new AGE Reader App allows you to generate a comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Report based on the AGE Reader measurement. For each patient all visits can be documented and consulted in the easy to use app.

The Cardiovascular Risk Report can easily be printedsaved and exported.

Download Age Reader Mu - Connect App Version 2.0.1

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Explain and Motivate patients

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Explain and Motivate patients

The graphical display of the results will help you to explain the results to patients and motivate them to adhere to their treatment regimen. A hardcopy of the result can be handed to the patient, which will make it easier to understand the AGE measurement result and the associated cardiovascular risk.

How to use the Age Reader App?
  • Create a patient file.
  • Enter or import measurement result.
  • Enter other cardiovascular risk factors of your preference.
  • Generate report.
  • Print, save and export the report.
  • All reports are automatically saved in the patient file.

Measurement report cover

Measurement report cover

Diagnoptics provides a cover that was developed to include the Cardiovascular Risk Report. This cover provides additional information about the classic cardiovascular risk factors, Advanced Glycation Endproducts and the AGE Reader.

Using the Cardiovascular Risk Report and cover will allow you to present this assessment to your patient in a professional way.

Measurement report cover

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